Stoughton High School
Category: Public K-12 Schools New Construction
Stoughton High School image Stoughton High School image Stoughton High School image Stoughton High School image

Address:  232 Pearl Street, Stoughton, MA 02072

Square Footage:  227,000

Type of Project:  New Construction of High School

Designer:  Drummey Rosane Anderson, Inc. Architects

Contractor/CM:  Not selected yet.

Actual/Estimated Date of Completion:  2019

Project Cost:  $100,000 Million

Description: Compass is providing Owner’s Representation services for the new Stoughton High School in Stoughton, MA. The current High School, built in 1923 and located at 232 Pearl Street in Stoughton on 20+/- acres, is no longer suitable due to the condition of the buildings and the outdated design. In January, the Massachusetts School Building Authority voted to approve the Town of Stoughton's Statement of Interest giving the Town the opportunity to renovate or construct a new Stoughton High School. Compass was hired by the Town to manage the design and construction of the new High School. After extensive review of options it was determined and unanimously voted and endorsed by the Stoughton Boards of Selectman and School Committee that the most viable option is the construction of a new, 227,000 square foot, state-of-the-art, world class High School. The new High School will be built within 30 feet of the existing school. Compass will spearhead the strategic planning in order to minimize the impact on the students, faculty, administration and community to provide the Town of Stoughton with a High School that will meet the educational, health, and social needs of its students.

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