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Norwood Town Hall, a Community Treasure
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In an article published in the May 2017 edition of The Muncipal, Norwood Town Hall is called a community treasure.

Restored to its former beauty
Norwood, Mass., Memorial Municipal Building, also called Norwood Town Hall, has been a beloved landmark ever since it was dedicated Nov. 11, 1928- the 10th anniversary of the armistice ending World War 1 - in honor of those killed in the war. The four-story building was constructed out of Weymouth, Mass., granite and had the good fortune of being completed prior to the Great Depression. Beyond its impressive granite facade, Norwood Town Hall features a 50-bell carillon tower, which houses the Walter F. Tilton Memorial Carillon, one of nine carillons in Massachusetts and the seventh largest in the United States.

Excerpt taken from article written by Sarah Wright

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AGC MA Building Women in Construction Profiles Christy Murphy
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Christy's interest in construction was ignited through her life-long exposure to her fathers’ manufacturing business in Topsfield. She says contracts, scheduling, quality and budgets were all part of their daily life, working with him on weekends and vacations, so the transition made sense.

Christy began with an architectural engineering independent concentration from Boston University and went to work for R.F. Walsh while continuing to take additional BAC architecture courses at night. As an assistant project manager, she got the opportunity to work on a highly complex state agency project that encompassed a multi-phased interior fit-out and she was hooked. To be a part of a process that “physically changed the space” really excited her so she decided to drop her classes at BAC and pursue construction management.  Without the traditional co-op experience she was now behind the eight ball. On the advice of mentor Tim Bonfatti (pictured above with Christy) and other trusted colleagues, she took all the courses she could at Northeastern, WIT and AGC YCPI to get fully immersed as quickly as possible.

Excerpt from AGC MA Article
By Lisa Frisbie, April 18, 2017

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Walpole Fire Station Groundbreaking
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Two loud blasts from the fire horn atop the old Walpole Fire Station on Stone Street Thursday evening signaled the building’s retirement. The new, $14.2 million fire station will be built in the same location as the old one, and local officials gathered Thursday in front of a crowd to formalize a groundbreaking ceremony.

“We’re thrilled that the project is officially off the ground now,” Selectman Chairman Eric Kraus said. “With 5,200 calls a year, we needed a facility that can accommodate everything our department needs to do.”

The new station is expected to have six bays, and significantly more space than the current station. Officials say the new building should be completed by April 2019.

“It’s much-needed,” Fire Chief Timothy Bailey, Jr. said. “This facility was very cramped, very tight.”

The new building will be the third fire station in the same location since 1902, Kraus said, and the current building had been constructed in 1954. Bailey pointed out that the department was a smaller, call fire department at that time, and has since grown considerably.

“As the department’s responsibilities and staffing have grown since 1983, the new facility will alleviate the overcrowding that currently exists in our outdated station,” Kraus told the crowd, “and it will provide much needed workspace for our personnel to perform their essential duties.”

Excerpt from Wicked Local Walpole Article - Thursday, April 13, 2017


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