What's New: Project Milestones

mile·stone noun:
 1 a stone serving as a milepost
 2 a significant point in development

mile·stone Compass Definition:
a timely achievement resulting from the Compass team fulfilling its commitments to its clients

Norfolk County Agricultural High School (The ‘Aggie’)
Category: Project Milestones

Phase I construction is underway:  site perimeter enclosure / tree cutting / clearing have commenced.  Site utility work will commence 04/17/12;  site and structural excavation for four “new” buildings will commence week of 04/23/12.  Phase I building construction completion is forecast in May, 2013.

Catholic Memorial Gym Renov. Phase II
Category: Project Milestones

Wood flooring replacement contract has been awarded for a scheduled on-site start on 06/04/12 and delivery 07/06/12.  FF&E work will occur in mid-July, following the School’s annul basket ball camp program.

St.Sebastian’s Academic Building Renovations
Category: Project Milestones

Currently in Design Development phase for multi-trade single-source subcontractor awards by 05/14/12.  On site work will commence on 06/04/12 and will be complete by 08/31/12.

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